WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Esco Bars H2O Disposable Pod 2500 Puffs | 5% | 6ML




Esco Bars Aquios AQ30 / H2O Edition | 2500 Puffs Disposable Pod Vape | 5% Nicotine

The Pastel Cartel Esco Bar H2O Disposable vape pod device features 2500 puffs and a huge 1000mAh battery. Each 2500 Puff Pastel Cartel Esco Bar disposable is Pre-filled with 6ml of 50mg Aquios water-based E-Liquid. With Aquios Labs' revolutionary technology, the first generation of Aquios (AQ30) was created which supports 30% water Aquios E-Liquids.
Aquios eliquid offers users purer flavor, reduced throat irritation, and higher bioavailability for even faster satisfaction.
The newly introduced flavors for 2500 puff Pastel Cartel Esco Bar H2O Disposables are Strawberry, Peach, Watermelon, Grape, and Blueberry.


  • 2500 Puffs
  • 5% Nicotine
  • 6ml Aquios 30% Water-based e-liquids
  • Mesh Coil
  • Revolutionary Aquios (AQ30) Technology
  • Purer Flavor
  • Reduced Throat Irritation
  • 1000mAg Battery


  • 1x Esco Bars 2500 puffs H2O Pod Disposable Kit

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