WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ares 2 LE D24 MTL RDL Tank


  • For the Innokin Ares 2 D24 LE version, functionally, everything is the same…
    -The easy-slide open filling
    -The child/top cap safety lock
    - The improved seals and main airflow control
    - The Cross Air Flow control The easy drop-in build deck
    - The liquid barriers The wrap around wick placement threading
    - The all-inclusive accessories kit
    …all remain for your vaping convenience and pleasure.

    The changes to the LE version are all aesthetic. This was done to address your comments and change accordingly.

    1) We have changed the finish of the tank. The LE versions will be available in two colors, Onyx and Flint in both the 22mm and 24mm versions. These have more of a matte sandblasted finish that we feel give the tank a more high-end look.

    2) We have removed the base knurling pattern to continue the classy, high-end look.

    3) We have limited the branding on the bell. The bell no longer has the laser-etched branding. Now on one side it says Ares-2 and on the other LE. Both are embossed, classy, and much more subtle than the original.

    4) We have improved the look and durability of our mouthpieces. They now have a more updated look and perfectly match the tank. Both a solid color and ultem look tip are included. They are now both metal to prevent the safety nipple from shearing off.

    5) The bottom of the tank will now have LE and a serial number.

    6) We have added a T2 Torx tool to the already impressive accessory kit allowing you to remove the top cap screws to change the liquid fill port silicon seal if needed.

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