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Scion Coil

Scion Coil

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The Innokin Scion Replacement Coils are exclusively designed for the Scion series, presenting a plethora of coil options and wattage ranges while maintaining innovation with the new Plexus Coil Technology. The Innokin Plexus Coils feature a 0.15ohm Plexus Coil with mesh design elements and a 0.6ohm Plexus Coil with quad vertical coil design. Each pack contains three replacement coils.

Innokin SCION Tank
Innokin SCION 2 Tank (part of Innokin PROTON Kit and Innokin PROTON & PLEX Kit)
Innokin PLEX Tank
Innokin PLEXAR 100W - only compatible with the 0.14ohm Scion PLEX3D Mesh Coil

Innokin Scion Replacement Coils Features:
Scion Coil System
0.5ohm Scion Coil - rated for 70-100W
0.28ohm Scion Coil - rated for 100-200W
0.36ohm Scion Quad coil - rated for 80-150W
New Plexus Coil Technology
0.15ohm Plexus Coil - rated for 60-100W
0.14ohm Scion PLEX3D Mesh Coils - rated for 60-100W - Optimized for the PLEXAR 100W
Kanthal A1 Coil Material
Japanese Organic Cotton

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